Stichting RoFa Foundation

Social responsibility
Stichting RoFa Foundation was established in 2011 by the Rook family.

For the founders of Bergschenhoek Groep B.V., corporate social responsibility means more than just conducting business in a sustainable manner. It also means social responsibility. Which is why the Stichting RoFa Foundation was founded.

The foundation’s ambition is to make a significant contribution to the development of young people throughout the world. This contribution consists of financial support for subsistence and education, thereby increasing the possibility of the young people having a good future. In addition to young people, the Stichting RoFa Foundation also focuses on the welfare and development of minors.

Over the past few years, different projects were able to count on the support of the Stichting RoFa Foundation. On the RoFa Foundation’s website you will find an overview of all the projects supported.

Visit the RoFa Foundation’s website

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